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The Co-Op offers the best in feeds. We carry the top brands and guarantee quality and satisfaction. Check out the brands below and give us a call for all of your feed needs.

Bird | Cattle | Chicken | Deer | Dog | Horse

Bird Feed
Wild Bird Feed

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Wagner's Nyjer Seed -
for finches

Wild Delight- Safflower seed -
used for cardinals and other song birds

Cattle Feed
Wormer Block - Salt Block infused with dewormer is meant to feed and deworm cattle.

20% Range Cubes - 20% protein cube meant to bulk up cattle.

Sweet Lick Tub - This is an all natural forage supplement for a healthy diet for the cattle.

Milk Replacer - A powdery substance mixed with water as a milk supplement for calves.
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Chicken Feed
Corn Chops - Corn chops are just as they sound. Chopped up pieces of corn made easy for the chickens to eat and digest.

Scratch Grain - Mixture of grains specifically designed for easy consumption and digestion in chickens.

Oyster Shells

Laying Pellets - Pellets of chicken feed that aid in the process of hens laying eggs.

Chicken Starter - Medicated chicken feed for baby chicks too small to begin eating regular chicken food.
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18%Buck Booster - Pellets ready made for your feeder. 18% protein.

Whole corn - Perfect for any feeder, and irresistible to the deer.
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SPORTMiX® Energy Plus Adult Mini Chunk 24/20 - is formulated for highly active dogs needing a maximum high level of energy. Dogs participating in competition events demand a food that will allow them to withstand days of grueling field trials. This formula is designed to meet the needs of these high stress working dogs. Formulated with supplemental flaxseed, SPORTMiX® Energy Plus Adult Mini Chunk helps ensure an improved Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acid balance promoting a healthy skin and coat.

Puppy Mini Morsels - SPORTMiX® Puppy Mini Morsels 27/12 is formulated for puppy’s first full year of growth. The use of chicken meal as the main source of protein, combined with a high level of vitamins and minerals, promotes development of bones, teeth and muscles during the rapid stage of growth. SPORTMiX® Puppy Food supplies your growing, active puppy with 100% complete and balanced nutrition and provides a taste that puppies love.
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Horse Feed
Sweet 10 - 10% Protein pellet for horses.

Sweet 12 - 12% Protein pellet for horses.

Crimped Oats - Oats that have been steamed and crimped for easier digestion in horses.

Whole Oats - Fresh, whole oats for horse feed.

Senior Feed - 16% protein feed for older horses.

Alfalfa Pellet - Pellets made of alfalfa used to add calories or protein to a horse's diet.
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